Earthquake in Costa Rica

8 01 2009

Be sure to Pray for Costa Rica. There was a 6.1 earthquake in Costa Rica today. I spoke with Carlos and he said “it felt like a train hit his house.” He also said it is impossible to get up to Cinco Esquines right now because of some land slides that happened right across the street from the Church we helped a couple of years ago. Carlos spoke with Siena and she said the roof at Fe Y Amor fell in. Im not sure of the exact damage but pray for the church and for the people up in the mountains. I believe the search parties will find everyone they need to find

Something cool that Xerox is doing

8 12 2008

Check out the LWFC outreach blog. Xerox is doing something pretty cool.

It Only Takes 3 Days

14 10 2008

Habits are easy to break…take blogging for instance.  When I go out of the country I don’t like to announce to the blogoshpehere that I am leaving.  By the way, my wife is packing and she is better with the peace of steel than I am, so intruders beware.  So, I was out of the country not to long ago for about 3 days.  Where I was there was really no internet connection.  When I say really no, I mean there was dial up.  Do you remember dial up?  Remember having a certain amount of hours or minuets to be online.  By the time you brought up a web page your time was up and AOL would say “good bye” or Prodigy would…well I don’t remember really.  I found out for me that it only takes 3 days for me to break the habit of blogging.  Spent 3 days out of the country and away from my family.

Wait, I just looked at my calendar and saw I stopped blogging a week before I left…never mind.

Please forgive me…will this make up for it?

Well, my computer will…

9 09 2008

Well, my computer will be an official paperweight for a couple of days, cause I forgot my power cord. So I am jotting to Blog, so I can continue to update and not get into the vicious cycle of not blogging. listen

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Try a Little Harder…You Might Get Saved

1 09 2008

I came across a great question while I was having my quiet time this morning.  I was reading Galatians 3 and 4, and here Paul is talking about false teachers.  Apparently there were some new teachers saying you have to become Jewish before you become a Christian…not true.  If it was true then Jesus dying on the cross was for nothing.  So Paul was getting the point across that its not about what you do that gets you right with God but through faith.  Here, look Galatians 3:11.

These are the questions that got me thinking:

How would those closest to you describe your Christianity?

Do they think you live so that God will accept you or do they know that you live because God has accepted you in Christ?

Do the people around you that do not know Christ see you working for His love and acceptance?  Or do they see that you have already been accepted?  I think most people deep down do not want to prove anything to anyone but they want to be accepted for who they are.  Maybe this is why its so hard for our Friends/neighbors and coworkers to want to follow Christ, they see us trying so hard to be a Christian and to please God.

i had to do it

28 06 2008

one of the great things about jamie is that he gives me access to all his stuff … i have all his passwords to everything … even this blog.  i got tired of not seeing anything new during my regular blog-stalking sessions, so i had to add a new post to his blog … so for all of you out there who were growing weary of seeing the fish journal, here’s a new post for you.

check this out for an awesome teaching by jamie.  he rocked the house this past weekend during the FEET series, and this weekend will be no different!  i’m proud to say, “yupp, that’s my baby daddy!”.

-Jenn (haha, i hacked into your blog!)