Try a Little Harder…You Might Get Saved

1 09 2008

I came across a great question while I was having my quiet time this morning.  I was reading Galatians 3 and 4, and here Paul is talking about false teachers.  Apparently there were some new teachers saying you have to become Jewish before you become a Christian…not true.  If it was true then Jesus dying on the cross was for nothing.  So Paul was getting the point across that its not about what you do that gets you right with God but through faith.  Here, look Galatians 3:11.

These are the questions that got me thinking:

How would those closest to you describe your Christianity?

Do they think you live so that God will accept you or do they know that you live because God has accepted you in Christ?

Do the people around you that do not know Christ see you working for His love and acceptance?  Or do they see that you have already been accepted?  I think most people deep down do not want to prove anything to anyone but they want to be accepted for who they are.  Maybe this is why its so hard for our Friends/neighbors and coworkers to want to follow Christ, they see us trying so hard to be a Christian and to please God.

New Banner…You Vote!

24 08 2008

Hey everyone.  I am going to be changing the banner on my blog.  I have wanted to do this for a while so I created 7 banners to choose from.  But instead of me choosing, I want you to choose.  After all this blog is not just for me to look at.

Cast your vote as a response with the corresponding number, and on Friday I will change it to the one you choose.  Have fun…and please pick a good one!

#1 is called flying maple leaves in space on a not so sunny day.

#1 is called flying maple leaves in space on a not so sunny day.

#2 This one is called Flying maple leaves in icecream land on a sunny day

#2 This one is called Flying maple leaves in ice cream land being attacked by the not so sunny day, on a sunny day

#3 is called spotlight in the spotlight you are so lense flare

#3 is called spotlight in the spotlight, you are so lens flare

#4 is called how colorful is the white noise

#4 is called how colorful is the white noise

#5 is called reading rainbow...I can go anywhere.  Sing with me

#5 is called reading rainbow...I can go anywhere. Sing with me!

#6 is called, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck.

#6 is called, how much wood could a wood chuck chuck.

Finally #7 is called, the wood chucks brother.

Finally #7 is called, the wood chucks brother.

How to Get God to Talk to You…Everytime

2 06 2008

I can see some of you now, getting comfortable in your seat excited about getting God to talk to you…and you should be. Who would not want the creator of the universe talking to you, helping you in your everyday situations and knowing what to do next in your life.

Ive been there, even recently I have called out to God and asked Him to speak to me. Then I clenched my fists and closed my eyes real tight to try and hear Gods voice. Somewhere in the Bible it talks about the more closed your eyes are the better you can hear God…right? Really, all that happens is I just hear the ringing in my ears. That used to happen a lot until I found out how to get God to talk to me every time! I found out that God is speaking all the time we are just not paying attention.

Here is how you can hear God every time…You read His word. I can see some of you are let down right now, thinking, “I knew that already.” and that is exactly why you don’t know this already. If you did you would not have been looking for a magical answer.

God is speaking to us through His word. Giving us all the answers we are asking for. It may not be what shirt to wear or what parking spot to take, but our questions are answered when we know where to look. God promises us all things that pertain to life and godliness, He promises us peace and that all of our needs will be met, amongst many more promises. Maybe it will not be how you picture it, but Gods promises are pure. He will always be faithful.

There are times when God does speak to us in prayer or even walking down the street…but it will always be backed by His word. God is always speaking, you just have to know where to look.

Being On Track, but Off IT (Part 2)

29 04 2008

Step forward < Step out < Step Closer. If you step out and step forward without stepping closer you may be on track but you will be far from it. Stepping closer to God means spending time with Him. I know He is with us always, but we need the one on one sit down quite time with Him. Its not just to get to know HIm, He is not just our friend. He is our Father, He is our God. This is the time where He is teaching us / correcting us / showing us how to not only stay on track but how to move forward. This is not only a time to get to know God but to know who you are.

Where are you at? When its 2oclock in the morning, everything is quiet and your left to your own thoughts and yourself? Who are you and what is your life really like?

I am confidant and bold when I can step out of my current fears and step forward with my life. But I am Lost and scared when I am not stepping closer to God.

Being On Track, but Off IT (part 1)

27 04 2008

Is it possible to be on track (where you are supposed to be), but not even there?

I know a story of a guy who gave his life to God after his pastor preached a message…However the pastor didn’t even know God. There have been people that God used to build HUGE Churches and impact many lives…but they are far away from where they are at. The point is, decisions we made yesterday affect us today. You could be making decisions today that will take you off track tomorrow.

Don’t give up or stop doing what brought you to the place where God wants you to be. We all go through seasons in our life where we mentally go up and down, but it does not have to effect our spiritual walk.

Happy Easter

23 03 2008

What part of the bunny do you eat first?…I normally eat the ears first…but if it is one of those hollow bunnies I will eat the head and then pour milk in the rest of it.

You know regardless of how many egg laying bunnies there are, people still know why we even have such a weird holiday. In my opinion this celebration is even more important than Christmas. Jesus’ birth would have been pointless if it had not been for his death and resurrection (1 Cor 15:14-19). This is a good time to remember why we do what we do. Why we worship, why we sing, why we tell others…why we help people we don’t even know…and why we are hated by people we don’t even know. The truth can be hard to believe, especially when we think we have it.

Happy Easter, Resurection day, Jesus died and rose again days/ Jesus kicked the devil in the teeth day…

Have a good one.

Flying with the Eagles and 1100cc’s

14 10 2007

Wave Conference is over for this year. To be around people with such passion and strength, really encourages and rubs off on you. To see something that is bigger than yourself and know that God wants to do something similar in your life and in your church is exciting. this can also can be intimidating if you think you can do it all your self. I’m not just talking about havening people around you but knowing God is on the inside of you to help you accomplish what He set you out to do. I have a great team of people around me and it is important for them to know that they have been ordained to be in the position that they are in. They have what it takes, not just to get the job done but to change someones life.

Pastor Steve said last night ” If you don’t know what to do, realize that your battle has already been won!”

On the Bike ride home from Virginia Beach I passed around Micah and turned a corner. when I turned the corner an Eagle with his wing span the size of the other lane was flying right in front of me just above my head! It was amazing. He flew with me for a few seconds…or I flew with him, then he turned his head to look at me and flew off. For a moment I was flying with the eagle. Those moments may be short but they get your adrenalin going and can inspire you for a lifetime.