Costa Rica Update

11 01 2009

Well there is nothing new to tell…But I did get this picture from Carlos.  Everyone is going good.  The thumbs up says so.

Back From the Crusade

30 07 2007

What a great trip! This was the last of 5 mission trips we sent to Fe Y Amor Church in Cinco Esquines, Costa Rica. Instead of sending 5 trips all over the world we chose to focus all of our resources in one area, helping one church. This proved to be a great befit to Fe Y Amor. We are helping to build their church from the inside out, through leadership, construction and evangelism. There is so much to say about how all the trips built upon each other. Each team had individual stories but then the stories overlapped from team to team. One team would plant seeds, others would water and see lives changed.

A Great Story:

The Government of Costa Rica denied Pastor Miguel Angel the right to have church in this building. Mainly because they are not Catholic. Pastor Miguel had all the papers he needed to get the authorization…but the government said no, without any kind of explanation. They were going to lock the church up that week so no one could get inside……crazy! So we prayed for this injustice to be dealt with, and for it to be made right. The next day the papers were signed for the church to remain open!

Here is what happend:

The Sunday before a woman came to Fe Y Amor and was prayed for by 2 of our missionaries; Vickie and Marisol. This lady was known as an alcoholic for many many years. You could see how it had drained the life out of her. But when the missionaries prayed, the alcoholic was freed from her addiction…Her countenance had changed, immediately you could see a difference. This was a miracle. Here is the cool part. This lady’s sister works for the man that signs the papers to keep the church open. When the sister heard that they were going to lock the doors on the church she went to this mans house and for an hour and a half, began to tell him that, you will not lock the doors to my church! Fe Y Amor is changing my family’s and other people’s lives!…and the doors remain open. I’m glad God is running the show.