10 09 2008

Its good to be home.  I get to hold my wife and daughter again.  It was only a few days but I still missed them.  

However the conference I was at was great.  I picked up something from everyone, and put it in my pocket (thanks Jenn).  Pastor Eddie Crabtree talked about being a father in the faith.  Why its important and what it means.  I understand the importance but I know I only know a piece of it.

Good to be home.

How To Have Great Sex

6 09 2008

The top 5 things women are looking for:

Men, here is what you have to do…

#5.  Romance

  • Learn how to be a lover of your wife
  • Your job is to awaken the desire that is in her
  • Not just about waking up in the middle of the night and say “Hey, you awake?” (in a redneck accent)
  • You be the instigator, don’t just wait for her to make a move
  • Be her Lover
#4  Foreplay
  • Don’t be lazy.  Our problem is we want it now.  
  • Every time you touch her it doesn’t always need to end up in sex.
  • Don’t use your wife as a release.
#3  Time
  • Statistically a guy lasts an average of 2min…an average (some are less)
  • The goal is not just about pleasing yourself
#2  Safe
  • She need to know that she is safe and private
#1  Exclusivity
  • She has to know that she is the only one for you.  Simple
That my friends is a great list.  This marriage seminar was outstanding.  I came away with so much great knowledge and wisdom that my marriage is only going to get better.  If you did not go to this, you really missed out.  At least get his DVD and watch it.

Laugh Your Way

5 09 2008

Tonight Jenn and I went to the first half of the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage seminar.  And we really are lauging our way.  I about lost it when he was talking about the “guy flicks” and the “girl flicks”.  It’s almost as if he filmed our last movie experience. Excellent teaching from Mark Gungor!

One of the truths that I came away with was, you have to give in order to get. 🙂 You have to always be looking out to give the other person what they want before you can expect to get what you want.  Its great how God set it up.  You have to prefer each other, and serve each other for the relationship to work.  Not, if you do something for me I will do something for you.  We should always be in a race to see who can give first.

P.S. Ladies, sometimes you do have to steer us in the right direction by “encouraging” / “bribing” us to do what you want.  Because sometimes ladies…we just dont care.

Pocket Full of Golden Nuggets

20 08 2008

So if you haven’t been to DBTW…Why?  This really is the best year yet.  The line up of speakers that we have had, has all brought a word for us.  The timing is perfect.

I couldn’t do all the sessions justice with just one post but let me try to get some nuggets in that caught my heart.

1.  “Man is trying to get to heaven while God is trying to get Heaven to Earth.” Robb Thompson

2.  “You will find the word when you search for it” Robb Thompson Prov 4:20-22

I think alot of times we just wait for it…we have to take action and start searching and trying to understand.

3.  “In order to achieve the future you desire, you must first be willing to walk away from what you presently crave.” Robb Thompson

When I first gave my life to Christ there were things that I gave up that was not sin, but it was not the direction God wanted to take me.  There were a lot of sacrifices at the beginning but I knew my future was greater than my sacrifice.

4.  “Dominion means you can maintain what you obtain” Pastor Steve Caronna

the easy part is obtaining what you are trying to get…the hard part is keeping it.

5.  “In order to maintain you have to starve the unneeded things in your life” Pastor Steve Caronna

I believe this goes along with #3.  We all have the same 24hrs in the day (except Jack Bouer, he has more) we can’t waist our time.

I think that’s good for right now…don’t want to over stimulate you 🙂

DBTW 2008

18 08 2008

I wonder what DBTW 2208 is going to be like.  I wonder if the music
will rock as hard as it did last night.  Man they were amazing!  I do believe they rock the hardest I have seen in a church.

Apostle Robert Kasaro who has one of the largest churches in Swaziland, Africa had a great teaching.  2 things that really connected with me that will continue on through 2208 are:
1.  No matter what you have done and in spite of what God knows about you, He will still open doors for you.

Some doors will open for you to walk out…some will open for you to walk in.  When he said that it took me a min to get…I love it when that happens.  Some doors will open for you to get out of situations some will be to get into situations.  Great stuff.
2.  Have the mind set to pray for a door to open so the gospel can be
preached not just to get out of a situation.  There are two separate mindsets here.  I will probably post more
on this at a later time once I can wrap my brain around it a little more.
This is going to be an awesome week.

How Can Twitter Help Me?

5 04 2008

I have been trying to figure out a use for …and i think I found one. Right now I am at Dean Days, which is our bi annual leadership training…it is amazing. Well I am taking some notes through . Only nuggets that i think are worth sharing. You can follow along by clicking the buttons, in this post or in my blogroll.

I am also going to be using it for Living Word services and maybe some other events…like Phase 2 of the HWCW


Do you use twitter? If so how? And let me know so I can stalk…i mean follow you.

Become a Blogging BFF

29 03 2008

A few weeks ago the PMT went to a conference called Unleashed. Here is something that every blogger should find useful. I got these from a session that Tony Morgan taught about communications and blogging.


1. Determine your primary audience

  • find out who you are talking to/who do you want to talk to

2. Post regularly!

  • almost daily
  • your blog and post on others blogs

3. Keep posts short

  • most people don’t care
  • don’t vomit on your readers keep it short and sweet
  • occasionally you can have a long post

4. Be Real. Share your story, victories and failures

  • people are fleeing from people who are “perfect”

5. Use Humor!

6. Don’t put down other ministries or people

7. Remember that blogging isn’t private

  • people are reading everything you post…everything.

8. Be a thought reader

  • don’t just steal someone else’s stuff. Be original and listen to what your readers want to read

9. Don’t listen to your critics

10. Reveal the real you

  • don’t write about what you don’t know
  • do what you do

I know I’m not doing everything on here but now I have something to work for. Thanks for the keys Tony, there great!