Time to Go off Air

31 01 2009

Well I think its that time. The  past 6 month now has been a struggle, hassle and frustration in my life to keep my blog up to date.  And as much as I enjoy having a blog and the idea of writing something that will change the way you view life…or change the way you view my life…I am going to take a sabbatical from blogging.  Not sure how long it will last or if this is retirement but I will keep the blog open just because.  You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook

I think this weblog had a good run.  It started with a prank on my uncleand then didnt end so well for me after thatYou went on vacation with us, and when we got Shiloh and SophieYou all helped me choose a banner, and I shared with you about how to be a blogging BFF (even though I didn’t always follow the rules).  OH, thanks for  making my blog one of the top 20 fastest growing blogs on wordpress (for about a week).  You made that happen by going to my site over 1200 times in one day!  With everything said and done I hope that I was able to do what I originally set out to do, and that was to help you and me to step forward < step out < step closer.

Thank you.