More Life Outside of TV

9 01 2009

The TV is still off.  And in fear of being too transparent I have noticed one thing about myself…I’m boring, almost characterless.  And if someone were to ask me “What do you like to do?”  I couldn’t say, I play the guitar, piano, photography, sports, exercising, kite flying, balloon popping, skydiving, blowing up stuff, creating things, art, reading or the like.  Maybe im not thinking hard enough but I think I let TV consume so much of my life that if someone were to ask me “What do you like to do?”  I would have to say TV.  Which is kind of embarrassing.  is that what I like to do in my spare time…that’s my hobby, that’s what shapes me?  I don’t want that to be part of my definition.  Don’t mistake this rant on this part of my life to mean I am not passionate about anything except TV.  I love my family and Church, my ministry, traveling, God.  I believe that God didn’t create us to be at church all the time (this is not a complaint about the time I spend at church), I think He wants us to enjoy all aspects of life.  There is so much in this world to be discovered, not just by other people or for other people but for you as well.  I have a great life, and all I want to do is find out how can I make it even more rewarding.  How can I be all that God has created me to be.  All I needed to do was cut out TV, just to see all that is around me.

**Costa Rica Update**

Vanessa Sanchez posted some pictures on her facebook of what the earthquake did to Fe Y Amor.  It looks like it was just the tile that fell.  It looks bad but I dont think anything major happend to the church…Continue to pray for them in the search and rescue efforts and the clean up and rebuilding.


across from Fe Y Amor

across from Fe Y Amor


Inside Fe Y Amor

Inside Fe Y Amor


Fe Y Amor Clean Up.  Still work to be done

Fe Y Amor Clean Up. Still work to be done



2 responses

12 01 2009

Don’t be too hard yourself. As I read your blog, I see myself. After a long day and after the kids go to bed, Jas and I like to sit on the couch and get into the DVR list. I still have to approach her about turning off the TV, so you are so far ahead…
I could read the Bible more
I could study for a certification I need for the job
I could get to bed at a reasonable time
or…Jas and I could simply talk more

20 01 2009
just thought i’d say… « écrivez la vie

[…] to learn healthier and more clearly thought out approaches to different things… plus i think this is a good idea. k,sobye. Posted by lnfritzky Filed in random […]

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