Dont Be Skeered

6 01 2009

I remember when I first gave my life to Christ I gave up a lot of what I thought brought me happiness. Stereo system, turntables…my bed. I think I slept on the floor for about 6 months if not more. It was difficult at first but afterwards It felt good. It felt good to just be free of needing stuff. I like knowing that stuff does not control my life.   Paul said I have lived with and with out (I know he says it but I cant seem to find it…can anyone help me out?)…

In this time when people are afraid to lose the house, car and lifestyle they have worked so hard for, maybe its time they scaled back and gave away all that stuff they thought they needed. Sometimes I need a dramatic change in my life so I can get everything out of the way and find out what is really important in life.  If your afraid to lose a lifeless object, maybe its time to give it away before you do lose it.  In 100 years it will be gone and so will you, its really not that important.