Turning off the TV

5 01 2009

Wow WordPress has changed…Ive been gone so long its like a brand new experiance.

I was taking a shower and thinking like I normally do…(think that is, not take a shower) and I felt the urge to fast.  Not a food fast, although I think I’m due for one any day now, but a TV fast.  I know that fasting (not watching) TV is not a true fast, its something that I should be in control of anyways.  I need a dramatic change from that routine so I can get some priorities back as priorities. It may seem easy, but really this comes at a crazy time.  Jack Bauer is about to kick some terrorist butt (after taking a year off!), the people of  Lost will be trying to get lost again, and all the other shows are going to start finishing their seasons.  :/ Not sure how long this is going to last.  It could be until Thursday or it could be a month or many months…we will see.

I made  a list of what I want to see happen while the TV is turned off.  One of them is to blog…so you should be seeing me on here again.  Ok here we go…



One response

6 01 2009

That is so easier said than done for me…actually the concept of not watching TV is not even easily said, especially considering I pay for cable, and to not take advantage of that would be like throwing money out the window…

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