Mens Breakfast

2 11 2008

Ok so I didnt lie to you by saying that I was going to teach the men’s breakfast.  I was, but pastor had a message that needed to be taught.  He spoke on having character.  The basic definition of character is moral excel lance.  Maybe you have heard this statement before and maybe you ha vent…but it must be said because it is very true…Never let your giftings take you where your character can’t keep you.  I knew someone who could lead praise and worship like no other…it was just natural for him.  However he did not have moral excellence.  His worship did not reflect his life.  He let his giftings take him farther than his character could keep him.  As a result, he took people with him as he fell.

But enough about other people lets talk about me.  One statement that Pastor made during the breakfast really hit home for me.  He said “do you want to know how to have your wife trust you and know that you are a man of character?  Your (my) standard of moral excellance has to be higher than hers.  Take movies for instance, there have been times where she has not wanted to watch a movie for whatever reason.  It just made her feel uncomfortable.  So then I would try to justify why its OK.  Even though while I was justifying it I knew she was right.   I imagine that each time I justify something that is morally wrong in her eyes, I lose some character points.  I am here to protect her and to see her grow, I have to give her something to look to.

It was great you should have been there.  Pastor is finishing this message next breakfast.  It will not be until the beginning of the year until I finish the envision post.  It will fit better then, being the beginning of the year and all.



One response

3 11 2008

No worries, I figured Pastor changed up the plans Saturday. What he had to say was good, something everyone needed to hear. The part about having a higher standard than her impacted me as well.

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