How to Envision Yourself

31 10 2008

I’m teaching at the men’s breakfast tomorrow morning and I am finishing up with my outline.  I thought I would take a break and give a sneak peak as to what I am teaching.

How to envision yourself.  We go through life either not knowing who we are and what we can do, someone tells us who we are and what we can do or we search Gods heart for us and find out who we were created to be.  Early on in my new life with Christ I realized that there was a lot of false truths circulating around in my head about who I thought I was.  I believed a lot about myself that really wasn’t me.  The way I saw myself was not the way God saw me.  I’m glad i took time to envision myself.

So how are you supposed to envision yourself?  If you are a man come to the men’s breakfast.  If you are a brave woman, dress as a man and come to men’s breakfast…or just wait until I post about this again.

Speaking of men’s breakfast…I am curious to know how many men and women read my blog…cast your vote below.



One response

1 11 2008

Looking forward to it. See ya there!

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