The New Opiate for the Masses

15 10 2008

This election is out of control.  Both sides have me asking, “is there a third side?”  I know there is but I have not heard one word about anyone else.  With all the media and user commentaries like mine you can get lost in the sea of propaganda.  If you watch to many youtube videos or watch a specific network you can get all the facts you want about why the other person is wrong and a communist.  Somewhere in my learning growing up I was taught to look at both sides.  But as I’m looking and hearing I don’t think there are two sides.  One thing that the Republicans and Democrats are good at, is getting people to choose one side or the other, but that’s the only choice.  Is it about money, power, greed, control?  Is the government so out of control, that everyone is in it for themselves, or are they really for us, and have our best interests in mind.  Is the Government just a little corrupt and I’m blowing up all the negative?  Was I trained to not trust either side because all you see is slander from both sides?  Are we easier to control if we are on one side or the other?  Is choosing a political side the new opiate of the masses?



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15 10 2008

There are at least two other sides that I know of.
Bob Barr Who is libertarian, and Ralph Nader.

RE: “Is it about money, power, greed, control? Is the government so out of control, that everyone is in it for themselves,”

In short, yes. Almost every decision congress makes is about how than can either keep or get more power. With the bailout, they are forcing banks to sell part of their shares to the government, (fascist much?). I became disenchanted by both parties a long time ago, and to be honest the two “third” parties don’t interest me much either. I have conservative economic and social values and no party truly represents that right now.

15 10 2008

sigh. “they” say that this is one of the most important presidential elections ever … and if i wasn’t so morally opposed to giving up my rights, i wouldn’t vote. … just to show them that i don’t like them. but unfortunately, my name doesn’t go on the ballot, so Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama will never know that I, Jennifer Tobler, do not wish to cast my vote on either of them. and with the way the electoral college is set up, voting for the other “non-major” parties is the same as not voting. so i guess i’ll have to stick with the “lesser of two weevels” as Pastor Steve would say.

16 10 2008
jasmin kelly

I trust in what God wants to me to do cuase to be honest i wish i could mesh the candidates together to get what I want. It all seems like too much bashing and confusion. It’s frustrating. They just make you want to not vote but i realize it’s really important. At least I like Palin lol. She rocks to me.

16 10 2008
jasmin kelly

I think Palin is an inspiration to all woman. I appreciate her being a professional, career orientated woman and a mom and a wife. I went to college to be all of that also plus a woman of God and ministry but sometimes other woman make me feel like i have to resort to being soo old fashioned and staying home with the kids. I’m blessed I get both worlds right now. But what others don’t see is that God gave me the intelligence to be more and have more responsiblity. We all want success and prosperity but news flash — that doesn’t come without hard work. I really appreciate that there are Sarahs in the world that make me realize I’m a great woman and it’s okay to be ambitious and want to be more than just a suzie home maker. (don’t get me wrong I know how hard that is) I work from home, plus I have to still take care of my kids, be a wife, a friend, a work in the ministry. I praise God I am the way I am. Anyway, those are my words lol. Take care.

16 10 2008

grrrrr. once again an election where you don’t believe either is the best for the job.
one’s ideas scare me
the other’s leadership abilities scare me.
i have not a spirit of fear, but of power, love & a sound mind.

16 10 2008

Pastor Micah’s last sentence is very important to remember right now.

16 10 2008
jasmin kelly

decision made. who’s against abortions? — that’s a driving factor in my decision lol

20 10 2008
Kim Parrott

Our fobias, questions, confusion, etc., comes from us being bombarded by the media with insignificant details that don’t matter, ads that bash, and comments that are offensive. For those of us who are watching and listenting everyday are probably on information overload and probably need to turn it off.

The Bottom line is that, God is in control of ALL things (Rom 8:28), and will place whoever “He” wants in office for “His” purpose to bring “His” glory. And either way, it will work out for our good. Cast your vote with confidence in knowing, God’s got our back either way.

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