How to Envision Yourself

31 10 2008

I’m teaching at the men’s breakfast tomorrow morning and I am finishing up with my outline.  I thought I would take a break and give a sneak peak as to what I am teaching.

How to envision yourself.  We go through life either not knowing who we are and what we can do, someone tells us who we are and what we can do or we search Gods heart for us and find out who we were created to be.  Early on in my new life with Christ I realized that there was a lot of false truths circulating around in my head about who I thought I was.  I believed a lot about myself that really wasn’t me.  The way I saw myself was not the way God saw me.  I’m glad i took time to envision myself.

So how are you supposed to envision yourself?  If you are a man come to the men’s breakfast.  If you are a brave woman, dress as a man and come to men’s breakfast…or just wait until I post about this again.

Speaking of men’s breakfast…I am curious to know how many men and women read my blog…cast your vote below.

Just the Begining

29 10 2008

A couple months ago I was asked if I was interested in being on the leadership council for Raleigh’s 10 year plan to end homelessness.  I have to say that I was honored that they even considered me.  The truth is its not me that got their attention in the first place…it was everyone at Living Word.  From the moment that you gave yourself away last Christmas by remodeling the woman’s shelter and giving to the Wake Forest firefighters, through this year of continuing to support the Helen Wright Center, Urban Ministries and the Support Circle Program, community leaders were impressed at the level of sacrifice we all gave to our community.  Part of the vision of Living Word is to gain favor in the community.  When this happens people see God for who he truly is and not what their misconceptions tell them.  People find hope in the church as a whole, which opens their heart back to God and He saves their lives.

All this happened because you picked up a paint brush, or made a sandwich, or gave a box of food, or gave your money, or prayed, or taught someone how to budget.  It reminds me of a quote by Dwight L. Moody

There are many of us that are willing to do great things for the Lord, but few of us are willing to do little things.

If you do your part, no matter how small it seems, great things will happen because of it.

This is just the beginning.


Looks Its Real

Looks Its Real

2004 Pics

21 10 2008


So for those of you who could not see the pictures…here they are.  This was when I was an intern with 247 and I think this was a vision quest scout trip.


Hey its Kelsie

Hey its Kelsie


Please dont squeeze my brains out

Please dont squeeze my brains out


Miss you Friend

Miss you Friend

Welcome to 2004

16 10 2008

Want to see what I looked like in 04…all those years ago…before I was a pastor, when I was an intern for 247!

Sure you do.

click here

Thanks Pastor Micah

The New Opiate for the Masses

15 10 2008

This election is out of control.  Both sides have me asking, “is there a third side?”  I know there is but I have not heard one word about anyone else.  With all the media and user commentaries like mine you can get lost in the sea of propaganda.  If you watch to many youtube videos or watch a specific network you can get all the facts you want about why the other person is wrong and a communist.  Somewhere in my learning growing up I was taught to look at both sides.  But as I’m looking and hearing I don’t think there are two sides.  One thing that the Republicans and Democrats are good at, is getting people to choose one side or the other, but that’s the only choice.  Is it about money, power, greed, control?  Is the government so out of control, that everyone is in it for themselves, or are they really for us, and have our best interests in mind.  Is the Government just a little corrupt and I’m blowing up all the negative?  Was I trained to not trust either side because all you see is slander from both sides?  Are we easier to control if we are on one side or the other?  Is choosing a political side the new opiate of the masses?

It Only Takes 3 Days

14 10 2008

Habits are easy to break…take blogging for instance.  When I go out of the country I don’t like to announce to the blogoshpehere that I am leaving.  By the way, my wife is packing and she is better with the peace of steel than I am, so intruders beware.  So, I was out of the country not to long ago for about 3 days.  Where I was there was really no internet connection.  When I say really no, I mean there was dial up.  Do you remember dial up?  Remember having a certain amount of hours or minuets to be online.  By the time you brought up a web page your time was up and AOL would say “good bye” or Prodigy would…well I don’t remember really.  I found out for me that it only takes 3 days for me to break the habit of blogging.  Spent 3 days out of the country and away from my family.

Wait, I just looked at my calendar and saw I stopped blogging a week before I left…never mind.

Please forgive me…will this make up for it?