Kelsie Newby

21 09 2008

Kelsie Newby raised her hand tonight at prayer to pray for the people who’s lives will be touched and changed with the upgrade to our building.  As soon as Pastor Micah called her name my wife turned to me and said “she is the perfect person to pray for that.”, and I agree.  I remember meeting Kelsie for the first time at the rocky horror picture show.  We talked about the bag of rice in my hand and what you can make with Duct tape.  It was a great conversation…really.  Not too long after that she started coming to 247 with us and really becoming apart of the church.  Eventually she gave her life to Christ and she has been changing lives ever since.  She is now a team leader for the alter ministry and doing a great job.  She has already recruited two people in the past 2 months she has been a TL.  And when I talk to her about the people who just gave their lives to Christ you can really see that she is excited for them and absolutely loves them.  She is an inspireation to alot of people…even if she doesnt know it.  And I am happy to call her my friend.  She is a beautiful woman of God and I am excited to see what else God is going to do through her.

Thanks Kelsie for doing what you do.  I love you.


Kelsie Newby

Kelsie Newby



10 responses

22 09 2008
Cindy Rice

yeah, what he said 🙂 go, Kelsie!

22 09 2008
st. kelsie j.

Way to be all emotional and squishy… gosh.

22 09 2008
st. kelsie j.

ps. way to spell my name wrong too.

22 09 2008

I do not know what you are implying…Kelise.

23 09 2008
Theresa S.

Yay – I like her! 🙂

23 09 2008

kelsie makes my heart smile 🙂

23 09 2008
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[…] lives to Christ, but we get to befriend them.  We get to watch them grow in Christ.  Just like Jamie said in his post about how he got to watch me grow in Christ, I love watching others grow.  I want […]

24 09 2008
Kim Parrott

Kelsie is a great person. I got a chance to hear part of her testimony during a message Pastor Micah did a few years ago called “Look What You Have Done.” I cried through the entire thing.
It has been a blessing to watch God fulfil his promise in Isaiah 61:7 through Kelsie’s life.

1 10 2008

me love her long time

6 11 2011

I googled my name today and found this.

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