Favor in the Community

18 09 2008

This morning I had an opportunity to speak at a faith breakfast for Urban Ministries.  They invited me to talk about all the work we have done with them just in the past year.  It was a real honor and a treat.  I even tucked in my shirt and wore some slacks for the occasion.  People looked twice, like I never dress up…well maybe its true.  

God is really opening doors for favor in our community.  Its amazing what happens when we all begin to speak the same thing.  I know most of the time I am the face for Outreach at Living Word but its you all who are jumping behind the vision that is making this possible.  Thanks.  I believe even more is coming up in the future…this is only the beginning.



2 responses

18 09 2008
Cindy Rice

Hooray, that’s awesome! We will all remember this when we get up at o’dark 30 on Saturday morning 🙂 We have the BEST Outreach Pastor in the world. Thanks for everything you put into being such a great representative of Pastor’s – and our (there’s that ownership thing) – vision.

18 09 2008

You go Jamie!!! God could have chosen anyone. But I believe that He knows that you are not just anyone – so He chose you!!!

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