14 09 2008

I just stepped out of worship this morning and was blown away by our team…no really it was our church.  Obviously the music was outstanding, the songs they sang were filled with so much life and peace that I wanted to stay in that moment forever.  But what really got me thinking and worshiping was what I saw.  If you looked at the people on the stage, you could not tell what the dominate ethnic group is at our church.  You just see a colorless group worshiping together.  The people on the stage is a representation of our church.  Its not just the stage that is colorless, but in our church you cant see the lines either.  We haven’t tried to do this it just happens when we can all focus on one thing…our devotion to Christ.  When we offer our lives to God and all of our mistakes and failures and issues and sin are taken away from us, we can forget about our past and start over…we can start over.  “In your freedom I will live.  I offer devotion.”

Thanks for being colorless.



2 responses

14 09 2008
Kim Parrott

People from every nation and tongue. From generation to generation. We worship Him! Halelujah!! Halelujah!!!!

15 09 2008
Cindy Rice

how I love this about our church – our diversity really is our strength – not just PC and talking about it, but living it – thank you, God!

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