Kelsie Newby

21 09 2008

Kelsie Newby raised her hand tonight at prayer to pray for the people who’s lives will be touched and changed with the upgrade to our building.  As soon as Pastor Micah called her name my wife turned to me and said “she is the perfect person to pray for that.”, and I agree.  I remember meeting Kelsie for the first time at the rocky horror picture show.  We talked about the bag of rice in my hand and what you can make with Duct tape.  It was a great conversation…really.  Not too long after that she started coming to 247 with us and really becoming apart of the church.  Eventually she gave her life to Christ and she has been changing lives ever since.  She is now a team leader for the alter ministry and doing a great job.  She has already recruited two people in the past 2 months she has been a TL.  And when I talk to her about the people who just gave their lives to Christ you can really see that she is excited for them and absolutely loves them.  She is an inspireation to alot of people…even if she doesnt know it.  And I am happy to call her my friend.  She is a beautiful woman of God and I am excited to see what else God is going to do through her.

Thanks Kelsie for doing what you do.  I love you.


Kelsie Newby

Kelsie Newby

Favor in the Community

18 09 2008

This morning I had an opportunity to speak at a faith breakfast for Urban Ministries.  They invited me to talk about all the work we have done with them just in the past year.  It was a real honor and a treat.  I even tucked in my shirt and wore some slacks for the occasion.  People looked twice, like I never dress up…well maybe its true.  

God is really opening doors for favor in our community.  Its amazing what happens when we all begin to speak the same thing.  I know most of the time I am the face for Outreach at Living Word but its you all who are jumping behind the vision that is making this possible.  Thanks.  I believe even more is coming up in the future…this is only the beginning.

1,2,3 My Daughter is the Best

16 09 2008

Check it out!  I have the cutest daughter ever made on the face of the planet…sorry everyone but it does not get any better than this.


14 09 2008

I just stepped out of worship this morning and was blown away by our team…no really it was our church.  Obviously the music was outstanding, the songs they sang were filled with so much life and peace that I wanted to stay in that moment forever.  But what really got me thinking and worshiping was what I saw.  If you looked at the people on the stage, you could not tell what the dominate ethnic group is at our church.  You just see a colorless group worshiping together.  The people on the stage is a representation of our church.  Its not just the stage that is colorless, but in our church you cant see the lines either.  We haven’t tried to do this it just happens when we can all focus on one thing…our devotion to Christ.  When we offer our lives to God and all of our mistakes and failures and issues and sin are taken away from us, we can forget about our past and start over…we can start over.  “In your freedom I will live.  I offer devotion.”

Thanks for being colorless.


10 09 2008

Its good to be home.  I get to hold my wife and daughter again.  It was only a few days but I still missed them.  

However the conference I was at was great.  I picked up something from everyone, and put it in my pocket (thanks Jenn).  Pastor Eddie Crabtree talked about being a father in the faith.  Why its important and what it means.  I understand the importance but I know I only know a piece of it.

Good to be home.

Well, my computer will…

9 09 2008

Well, my computer will be an official paperweight for a couple of days, cause I forgot my power cord. So I am jotting to Blog, so I can continue to update and not get into the vicious cycle of not blogging. listen

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Google Chrome Update

7 09 2008

So I like Google Chrome…I haven’t missed my addons from Fire Fox.  Jennifer was using the Fox and I went click click click and shut Fire down…just so I could open Chrome.  Its really that much faster.  I guess speed is better than addons.