Google Chuck Norris

29 08 2008

Just do it and you will be happy you did.


1.  Go to Google home page

2.  In the search box type “google chuck norris”

3.  Click “im feeling lucky” button

4.  know that the awsomeness of Chuck Norris still lives.

The Banner Has Been Chosen

29 08 2008

Break out the champagne and the little horns…the banner has been chosen.  It was a close race for a while and I know you all were waiting while biting your nails in expectation.  The winner is….

Number 3 (horns/explosions/cheers/streamers)

like I said it was close with 4 votes for number 4 and 6 votes for number 3.

Thanks for playing everyone I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Now it is time to change the banner.