Smile Charlotte…Smile

21 08 2008

The other morning Charlotte woke me up…well Jennifer brought Charlotte in to wake me up.  So Charlotte laid down next to me.  She was so happy to see me that she started to smile, and not just a little bit.  This was not gas as some people may be thinking.  So I picked up my phone and started to film.

Lately she has been smiling on purpose alot more.  That makes me happy to know that  when my daughter sees me she is happy.  I asked Jennifer if she smiled at her a lot…”No…not that much” she said with out a smile and the stink eye.



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21 08 2008

she smiles at you first … she’ll probably say “dada” first … even though i’m the one who carried her for 10 months and 6 days, spent 24 hours birthing her, and am the one who feeds her 8 times a day. sigh. … but i’m glad she loves her daddy! i’m glad she has such an awesome dad, too. i couldn’t have hand picked a better father for my child. i’m just sorry she will never find a husband as good as mine… (is that a bad confession?? cause i mean it as a compliment to jamie!! i know her husband will be awesome, she wouldn’t marry him if he wasn’t. but in my eyes he’ll never be as good as jamie is… does that make sense?? sigh. why does a compliment need so much explanation?? i’m just going to stop now before i dig myself any deeper.)

21 08 2008
a thankless job « Jennifer Tobler

[…] turn her head to look at you when you talk, and has even begun to smile… well, not at me.  she smiles for daddy. and while i’m excited that she loves her daddy and he can make her smile, it irritates me […]

22 08 2008
Kim Parrott

How sweet Ms. Charlotte is. I can’t help but notice when I see her how she seems to carry the spirit of her dad. And of course you know, he is always smiling, and laughing.

I hope that Charlotte will too do one of the best things that I have ever done in my life, and that was to marry someone JUST LIKE my dad. My dad was great to all 5 of his children and especially me “the baby”. He was always providing, protecting and loving us. I don’t know how I managed to find another man like that, but I did and I thank God for it.

Maybe by some chance Charlotte won’t settle or be attracted/led to anyone but a person who is like her dad.

22 08 2008
Rose Carter

She is trying so hard to talk to you Jamie she wants so much to say how much she loves her daddy and how happy she is to have time to be next to you. You three are wonderful together and you have a life time of wonderful experiences to share together. Love you guys

22 08 2008

That has got to be the cutest video ever! You can just see in her face how much she loves you and how happy she is! And why shouldnt she? How blessed she is to have you two as parents! 🙂

25 08 2008

okay this made my heart melt. Just what I needed on a Monday at work. A beautiful baby smiling : )

2 09 2008
Gee-Gee Tobler

smile,Charlotte, smile! That’s the cutest video I’ve seen and almost like being there. I said “almost”, but that will be repaired soon, and I can’t wait. I don’t usually ask the time to hurry, but I do now ! I love you ! G.G.

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