Pocket Full of Golden Nuggets

20 08 2008

So if you haven’t been to DBTW…Why?  This really is the best year yet.  The line up of speakers that we have had, has all brought a word for us.  The timing is perfect.

I couldn’t do all the sessions justice with just one post but let me try to get some nuggets in that caught my heart.

1.  “Man is trying to get to heaven while God is trying to get Heaven to Earth.” Robb Thompson

2.  “You will find the word when you search for it” Robb Thompson Prov 4:20-22

I think alot of times we just wait for it…we have to take action and start searching and trying to understand.

3.  “In order to achieve the future you desire, you must first be willing to walk away from what you presently crave.” Robb Thompson

When I first gave my life to Christ there were things that I gave up that was not sin, but it was not the direction God wanted to take me.  There were a lot of sacrifices at the beginning but I knew my future was greater than my sacrifice.

4.  “Dominion means you can maintain what you obtain” Pastor Steve Caronna

the easy part is obtaining what you are trying to get…the hard part is keeping it.

5.  “In order to maintain you have to starve the unneeded things in your life” Pastor Steve Caronna

I believe this goes along with #3.  We all have the same 24hrs in the day (except Jack Bouer, he has more) we can’t waist our time.

I think that’s good for right now…don’t want to over stimulate you 🙂