DBTW 2008

18 08 2008

I wonder what DBTW 2208 is going to be like.  I wonder if the music
will rock as hard as it did last night.  Man they were amazing!  I do believe they rock the hardest I have seen in a church.

Apostle Robert Kasaro who has one of the largest churches in Swaziland, Africa had a great teaching.  2 things that really connected with me that will continue on through 2208 are:
1.  No matter what you have done and in spite of what God knows about you, He will still open doors for you.

Some doors will open for you to walk out…some will open for you to walk in.  When he said that it took me a min to get…I love it when that happens.  Some doors will open for you to get out of situations some will be to get into situations.  Great stuff.
2.  Have the mind set to pray for a door to open so the gospel can be
preached not just to get out of a situation.  There are two separate mindsets here.  I will probably post more
on this at a later time once I can wrap my brain around it a little more.
This is going to be an awesome week.