No More Laptop Dancing at the Airport

6 08 2008

I love traveling.  The whole experiance is great.  Waking up in the morning in one country and sleeping in another.  Its great.  The only part i cant stand is going trough Airport security.  Everytime I go through I always think “why did I wear this belt…why did i keep the change in my pocket…why oh why do i need to take out my laptop again!”  And everytime i think next time i will be more prepared.  Well the TSA is now allowing certin types of laptop bags where you can keep it in the bag while it slided throught the exray machine…Sweet.  No more frantick one handed dance to try and put your belt, put the change back in your pocket, slip on your shoes while stuffing the laptop in your bag before your fellow traveler’s stuff behind you starts rolling overtop your things.  I dont think its official yet…but I hope to get a bag soon.



3 responses

13 08 2008
st. kelsie j.


13 08 2008

that is so uncouth.

14 08 2008

-cooth. jk 🙂

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