Still Truckin

15 07 2008

Everything is going well.  I know this picture is her in the bed…but i promise you she is up and moving.  The contractions are getting more and more intense.  We are closer and closer.  The nurse loves to be in our room because Jen is the only one not being pumped full of drugs.  The nurse says “its calm in here”.  Jen is doing great.  So strong.



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15 07 2008
Matt Beeman

Dude, your wife must really love you to let you take pictures of her in a hospital gown when she’s about to have a baby. When Carl gets here, tell him I said hello.

15 07 2008
Cindy Rice

Hi Pastor Jamie & Jen! We love you. We prayed for you at leadership update. Looking forward to meeting Charlotte!!!

15 07 2008
Sharon Sinclair

Hi Pastor Jamie and Jen – I am praying for exciting!

15 07 2008
Joshua and Janel Buckingham

Sending our Warm Wishes as You Both Welcome Charlotte into this World. We stand in amazement of your precious gift of love for one another and the love you show to others. Praying for a smooth and easy delivery. Jen looks great in blue and tell her we are so proud to share this moment with you, that takes a lot of courage to go on camera while in labor. She is a true Woman of God and we know you both will be incredible Parents!

Love in Christ Jesus,
Joshua and Janel

PS: Jamie – Joshua is sporting the “mohawk” hair … I cannot remember what you call it, but I came home tonight and said, “hey, that looks familiar”… You have started a hair revolution.

15 07 2008

can’t wait 2 meet charlotte, lov u guys

16 07 2008
Melodius Mel

Hey guys! Just saw Mamma (Pastor Connie) at Tabbys house and understand you are still awaiting your precious arrival. Hang in there Jen, I know where your coming from with this long wait and not dilating. You guys are such a beautiful couple and I can’t to help take care of Charlotte in Nursery (that is when you get to the that point of lettin us) :).

Love you and praying for you,

Melanie Caronna

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