Here We GO!

15 07 2008

Well.  Its time. not even sure what to write.  We were at McDonalds getting lunch and before we satdown Jen went to the bathroom.  I thought, HMMM she has  been gone a long time…I wonder what she wants to drink…and then I wondered if her water broke.  So i waited, afterall I did not want to get her the wrong drink.  She returned from the bathroom and in a half quite voce she said “get a to-go bag and give me your phone we gotta go”.  So we went and here we are now in the room waiting for Charolette to come.  I plan on posting more through out the night mabye every other hour mabye every hour…Mabye not again.  Who knows this is our first time.  All I know is I will be holding Charlotte within a day.



13 responses

15 07 2008
Matt Beeman

Go Toblers!

15 07 2008

did you clean up the water?

grats dude.

15 07 2008
Colin and Jen Jump

WOOHOO!! We are so excited for you! Parker wants to know if you got a transformer in your happy meal 😉 enjoy one of the most amazing times of your life!

colin, jen and parker

15 07 2008
Bryant & Pam Lowery

Congrats guys!!! Can’t wait to see her!!!

Bryant & Pam

15 07 2008
Rose Carter

Love you guys! If you need me give me a call I don’t want to get in the way but you know I am just a call away. Jenn you are going to be a great mom and Jamie we will be lucky if we can get you to let go of Charlotte so we can hold her. I know you both are so excited. Can’t wait to see her.

15 07 2008
Susan Dial

Yeah!!! Praying for you – enjoy every moment – it truly is a miracle!

15 07 2008
Kim Parrott

Jamie and Jen

Everyone at leadership training tonight was excited for you guys. It’s like the whole church is in the waiting room with you.

Call if you need.

Kim Parrott

15 07 2008
Robert & Jasmin Kelly

We are so excited for your family! Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Push Jen! Push!!! You can do it! Push! You strong like bull! Jamie, I hope you read the books.

15 07 2008
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16 07 2008
Joshua and Janel Buckingham

There is a reason they are called a “Happy Meal” the prize was inside Jen!

16 07 2008
Jennifer Spinks

SO excited that Charlotte is coming very soon! Praying for you both!

16 07 2008

Praying for you guys. I am soooo excited!!! Can NOT wait to meet Charlotte!!!

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