4th of July!

11 07 2008

Happy 4th of July!  I know we passed it already but I really wanted an excuse to show you some more fire works.  When was the last time you saw a fireworks show on the 11th?  For the past 4 years my Uncle has bought a mess load of fire works for the 4th.  This year was not exception.  I believe he spent about $2000 worth of fire works!  Not the street popers or bottle rockets, but full fledged blow your face off  lighing the sky on fire fireworks.  My brother and I had the privlige of setting up and lighting the explosives.  There were times that I ran away hoping to not catch on fire…it was so cool.

Total the show lasted about 40 minuets.  We set everything up on his dock and for a moment watched all the other people around the inlet where my uncle lives light there fire works.  We saw what they had…a few pops in the sky and heard “yay” after each one…and then we lit ours…

Here is part of the show where the canadians sing God Bless America (Celine Dion) If you spin around twice and think artistically the explosions go with the song.

And this it the finale…My brother and I lit about 16 boxes of explosives and risked our lives to give you this…you have to watch it…if you can play it backwards it is even cooler.  ENJOY!

Thank you to everyone past present and future for this great Independence we live in.



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