My Blog Was Hacked!

29 06 2008

I was going through my email and there it was…responses to a post I did not write.  My own wife hacked my blog and posted for me.  Hmmm thats not a bad idea, now that she is home and not doing anything 😉 she has time to now write on my blog for me.  Can i delegate that?  I took a sabadical from blogging.  not sure why but it has been long enough to call it that.  But you know whats wierd, some other people stoped blogging as well for a bit…mabye it was ment to be.

To catch you up, Im done with my teaching and i had a great time.  I hope everyone was able take some stuff home with them.  Now that I do not need to study for the series I can focus on catching my baby when its her birthday.  I am an excited dad and cant wait to hold Charlotte for the first time

Am I making a point or squishing someones head?



4 responses

30 06 2008

I thought it was great that Jenn hacked your blog! I was happy to see something new and her cute lil face on your page made me smile! I also thought the message was awesome these past 2 weeks! It was definately something I needed to hear and I learned a great deal from it. Go Jamie!!!!!

30 06 2008
st. kelsie j.

It wasn’t frightening when you initially did the little ‘this much’ finger thing, but now, it is… maybe it’s the big vein in your forehead.

30 06 2008
Kim Parrott

Great message. Loved the simplistic and visual teaching technique. Learning never stops. Just when I thought I knew it all about outreach, then there’s more. Thanks for more insight.

Good job Jen on Rule #32 in the “Handbook for Wives” – do what you gotta do to make your husband look good.

Kim Parrott

2 07 2008
Cindy Rice

Very effective communication this weekend. Those of us who serve in the outreach ministry were cheering “hooray for the home team” 🙂

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