i had to do it

28 06 2008

one of the great things about jamie is that he gives me access to all his stuff … i have all his passwords to everything … even this blog.  i got tired of not seeing anything new during my regular blog-stalking sessions, so i had to add a new post to his blog … so for all of you out there who were growing weary of seeing the fish journal, here’s a new post for you.

check this out for an awesome teaching by jamie.  he rocked the house this past weekend during the FEET series, and this weekend will be no different!  i’m proud to say, “yupp, that’s my baby daddy!”.

-Jenn (haha, i hacked into your blog!)



2 responses

28 06 2008
st. kelsie j.

thank you jenny lynn. we all enjoy seeing your mug all up on hi may’s blog.

28 06 2008

hey yall!
im sure you dont remember me, but i went to romania y ’05 with ya. i was one of the few from NC also 🙂 i always kept the church site in my “favorites” hoping to one day catch up or stop by the church. hopefully someday i will…i live right by the beach 😉 so yea…
great reading yours and jen’s blogs…too funny! congrats on the pregnancy 🙂
charlotte…what a cute and southern name hehe. and thanks for being such a great role modelon the trip. oohhh yea and i have run into sean at the past 2 state fairs…and he recogonized me 😀 anyways…keep on keeping on.
im helping church plant. check us out at…
annddd i do the facebook.com/churchrelevant :))
peace in the middle east.

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