6 06 2008

For a while I have been looking for a nice journal that I can write my teaching notes in.  And one day last month on one of my favorite blogs I ran across a post about the wonderful blank paged books called Moleskine.  That post led me to the cult that is forming around these journals.  Overnight I went from level 1 to level 4.  And I have no guilt.

What really sold me was the ability to create your own covers and the art that was being placed on them.  Modofly was one company that works with artists from all over to imprint there designs on the books.  Check out all the different pieces they have.

Here is the one I bought to write my teachings in.  You will see it during the Feet series at the end of this month.



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7 06 2008

lets get this correct … Jennifer, your wonderful wife, bought that journal for you for your birthday. Joint Bank Account aside, you didn’t buy it, I did! Just so we are clear 🙂

9 06 2008

oh yea thats what i ment

9 06 2008

I went to that website and those thing are really cool, I might have to get one for HA so I can keep my notes in this awesome notebook.

11 06 2008

HAHA you’ve joined the moleskin people. Yes, I have two of them and I LOVE them. By far the best thing to ever put a pen to. 🙂

Glad you’re part of the club!

11 06 2008

Oh yea, and Modofly also has an etsy ( and a lot of times they have them cheaper on etsy than on their actual site. You might just find a really good deal for your next one!

16 06 2008
Pete Wilson

Very I think I need to run out and get one.

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