Being On Track, but Off IT (part 1)

27 04 2008

Is it possible to be on track (where you are supposed to be), but not even there?

I know a story of a guy who gave his life to God after his pastor preached a message…However the pastor didn’t even know God. There have been people that God used to build HUGE Churches and impact many lives…but they are far away from where they are at. The point is, decisions we made yesterday affect us today. You could be making decisions today that will take you off track tomorrow.

Don’t give up or stop doing what brought you to the place where God wants you to be. We all go through seasons in our life where we mentally go up and down, but it does not have to effect our spiritual walk.



2 responses

27 04 2008

good post jamie! =]

29 04 2008
Cindy Rice

great reminder! reminds me of how a stream, over a period of time, can cut through rock – the key is consistency and steady pressure

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