Pink is My Favorite Number

24 04 2008

We have created something that I never thought existed…A room that glows without light!  This is our vacation but we (Jen and I) decided to get Charlotte’s room ready.  So we painted…no wait, I painted and Jennifer was off doing something else.  now the room is Pink and Pink.  It is so pink I can feel it.  We left the door and the trim white but some how it turned pink.  Pink Pink Pink.  I hope Charlotte likes pink.



7 responses

24 04 2008
General Jody

One thing that i have learned, with girls there is a phase where everything HAS to be pink. Pink and dresses (if you can make it pink dresses it is even better!) Then, they get beyond that and want anything except pink. Oh, and no dresses! Brown, green, purple, yellow, black, and jeans.
I used to think “I am so tired of pink! The world will not come to an end if you leave this house with something on other than a dress.” Now, I kinda miss the pink dresses.

24 04 2008

haha. You & Jody both make me giggle. I guess if you EVER need advice from a man’s perspective on girls… Jody is by far the best man to go to… poor guy. haha.

24 04 2008

…we can put tyy in a pink dress, if you miss it, you think?

24 04 2008
st. kelsie j.

tyy would like that. and i don’t think charlotte will mind the pink. if she could some how have a say in it.

27 04 2008

I agree with Jody, when I was little I LOVED pink, then when I hit middle school I decided that it was lame, but now I love it again. So basically Charlotte will have to like it because mommie likes it, and when she’s old enough to paint her own room than she can choose the paint color … 🙂 is that mean?? LOL

29 04 2008
Savannah Mitchell

PINK…. My room is fully loaded. Pink stripe upon pink stripe (some shiny – some not). It’s really all about ATTITUDE. Pink is just a temporary expression. It’s really what’s on the inside. That’s the warrior within the princess. This lesson is brought to you by the letter “P” and the number “pink.” Sunny days….. sing with me!!

30 04 2008

Thank you letter P, the number pink, Savannah and the rest of the Mitchell’s for the beautiful commentary. I love it!

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