We Let Charlotte Jump on the Bed…For Now

18 04 2008

Charlotte and I played our first game last night.  I would tap on Jennifer’s belly in a particular pattern and she would jump around.  It was cool.  I could see Jens belly moving and shaking, followed with Jennifer grunting (ladylike of course).  Apparently, Jen wasn’t having as much fun as we were.

A little less than 3 months and she will be here……am I ready for this?



5 responses

18 04 2008

just for the record…. its a little late to be getting cold feet jamie =]

18 04 2008

I know Jen was slightly uncomfortable (LOL more like a Lot!) but you and Charlotte are already bonding! How precious! Your going to be a great daddy Jamie!!!!!!

19 04 2008

Let me say for the record … that it was Charlotte that was jumping … not me. Jamie, you should use less pronouns, it confuses people. And I wasn’t grunting, thank you very much. They were vocal noises to voice my discomfort … girls don’t grunt. It will be nice when you can play with her without abusing my other internal organs 🙂

20 04 2008

yes!… you are absolutely ready!

22 04 2008
st. kelsie j.

i’ve heard that grunt… it’s not very lady like.

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