How Can Twitter Help Me?

5 04 2008

I have been trying to figure out a use for …and i think I found one. Right now I am at Dean Days, which is our bi annual leadership training…it is amazing. Well I am taking some notes through . Only nuggets that i think are worth sharing. You can follow along by clicking the buttons, in this post or in my blogroll.

I am also going to be using it for Living Word services and maybe some other events…like Phase 2 of the HWCW


Do you use twitter? If so how? And let me know so I can stalk…i mean follow you.



3 responses

6 04 2008

I don’t twitter for several reasons.
1. don’t have time for another gadget.
2. Jennifer Chappell doesn’t twitter so it must not be cool.
3. the name “twitter” is offensife to twits everywhere.
4. if someone is interested in what i’m doing every hour they need to find a life. (in a nice way 🙂
5. Jesus never twittered. wwjd?
6. I prefer my stalkers use tools with less dorky names…like blogger!!

6 04 2008

I don’t know I think Jesus would. You know He said to pray with out ceasing. last time I checked that was twittering.

17 04 2008
st. kelsie j.

or something. is the place you should be.

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