Become a Blogging BFF

29 03 2008

A few weeks ago the PMT went to a conference called Unleashed. Here is something that every blogger should find useful. I got these from a session that Tony Morgan taught about communications and blogging.


1. Determine your primary audience

  • find out who you are talking to/who do you want to talk to

2. Post regularly!

  • almost daily
  • your blog and post on others blogs

3. Keep posts short

  • most people don’t care
  • don’t vomit on your readers keep it short and sweet
  • occasionally you can have a long post

4. Be Real. Share your story, victories and failures

  • people are fleeing from people who are “perfect”

5. Use Humor!

6. Don’t put down other ministries or people

7. Remember that blogging isn’t private

  • people are reading everything you post…everything.

8. Be a thought reader

  • don’t just steal someone else’s stuff. Be original and listen to what your readers want to read

9. Don’t listen to your critics

10. Reveal the real you

  • don’t write about what you don’t know
  • do what you do

I know I’m not doing everything on here but now I have something to work for. Thanks for the keys Tony, there great!



3 responses

30 03 2008

thanks for posting this. i needed it. tony is the blogging master.

30 03 2008

These are really good notes. I guess I will have to shorten my posts in the future 🙂

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