The Great Awkward Meeting

11 03 2008

It was a little awkward and I kind of felt out of place, but it was a great opportunity to let people know what is going on at Living Word. The Wake County Commissioners invited Pastor Steve and I to come and talk about our partnership with Urban Ministries. We told them about what we did this Christmas with our Unscrooged series and what our plans for the future were. We even got to show the before and after video that we showed to our congregation…There were a few tears from the commissioners. I felt a little out of place because in this meeting they were talking about the next steps for water conservation for all of Wake County…thats a pretty big deal. It was a little awkward because, we never did these projects to be recognized by anyone, but because it is who God has called us to be. Through this all we are gaining favor in our community and people are seeing what Christ and His church is all about.

You can watch the video here (skip to about 50 min into the video to see the meeting)

Oh…we were scheduled to be first on the agenda…but we were about 1 second too late and we got pushed down the agenda a little…it was a little embarrassing.



5 responses

12 03 2008
Jody Hollar

Outstanding….you didn’t seem awkward at all.
I muted American Idol to watch the real Ryan Seacrest!!….lol

12 03 2008
Chuck Warner

Great job before the commision Jamie! That was awesome! You seemed like a natural up there in front of the lectern! Keep up God’s good work!

12 03 2008

wow, i’m so proud of your for following God’s call on your life. I know you had many opportonities to take othe paths. it is an hone to serve along side of you.

12 03 2008
Cindy Rice

Pastor Jamie, we’re so proud of you and the way you represent LWFC. You did a GREAT job with this! You looked so comfortable, like you do this every day 🙂

12 03 2008
st. kelsie j.

Awesome. I’m glad that you guys were able to go there. I hope it gets other churches in the area fired up. A little healthy competition is good.

grey t-shirt.

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