You Cant Stop Paul

4 03 2008

I was reading in Philemon tonight and really I don’t ever remember paying this book much mind.  But it is a great letter that Paul wrote to Philemon while Paul was in prison…or house arrest.  Could you imagen someone putting you on house arrest because you were telling people about Christ?  Onesimus was a slave that ran away from his master Philemon.  Onesimus ended up giving his life to Christ after Paul told him about Christ.  Paul Mentored Onesimus and sent him back to Philemon with his “very heart”.  This letter is a plea to Philemon to forgive him of his mistakes and take him back not as  a slave but as a brother.  It is a great story and illustration.

Three thoughts I got out of this short book:

1.  This is what Christ has done for us.  We ran away from God…Christ saved us…Christ appealed to God for us…God is now takeing us back, not as we were but as family.

2.  No matter who we are, no matter what our past was or our social status, slave, poor, rich, free, black, white, ethnicity, age, sex, culture or anything that makes us different, we will always be able to break through those barriers and call each other brother.

3.  Paul sent Onesimus back with Pauls heart.  He didnt just tell him and leave him but he mentored him to the point where Onesimus had Paul’s heart.  Paul was very interested in reproduction and not just conversion.

Your circumstances do not affect your effectiveness.  Step out of your situation and find out what you can do while you are going through it



2 responses

10 03 2008

Hey! did i mention that i think this is the best post ever??

…now i did 🙂 have a good day Jamie…

22 05 2008

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