Its a Girl!

9 02 2008

Well it looks like I will be dancing with my baby girl! Her name is Charlotte Elizabeth Tobler…and she is going to be beautiful.

The longer this pregnancy goes the more real this is all becoming. The day after we found out I woke up early to pray and think about what life is going to be like raising a girl. I am confidant I can raise a boy…because I am one. But I realized something in that time…I dont know how to raise a girl…

I am positive she will grow to be a strong, wonderful, smart…ect woman. I cant wait to dance with her.


I hope she looks like her mother.



6 responses

10 02 2008

this is a very endearing photo jamie! lol.. i am SOOO excited for the two of you, or should i say the THREE of you?!? hahah—yayyy!!! ^_^

10 02 2008

wow that pic man she is a knock out !!!! nearly took my breath away

11 02 2008
Jody Hollar

now thatz funny,….I don’t care who you are…..that’s funny

11 02 2008
Kim Parrott

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie,

One question: Y?

PS- Now I don’t know which one is worse, the wig or the black courdaroy coat from the HWC vault. I am really starting to see another side of you and I am afraid. lol.

11 02 2008
Jennifer Spinks

That picture is really scary! Hopefully your little girl won’t have facial hair like that…LOL. Congratulations again to both of you!!!

16 02 2008


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