Dominoes…Like Not Blogging

30 01 2008

You know the problem with not blogging for a while is the longer you don’t blog…the longer you don’t blog. I didn’t blog for about 3 days, so much went on I didn’t know what to blog about…so more time passed and more stuff happened, and there was more to blog about…but there was too much to blog about so…I didn’t. And here I am now writing about the time laps of my last blog. I hope this gets me back on track.



3 responses

30 01 2008
st. kelsie j.

does that really count as a blog?

30 01 2008

when the image is larger than the text… i dont think so.

30 01 2008

sure it does…a picture is worth a thousand words. and so it has to be bigger than the text.

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