Un Scrooged

20 11 2007

This Christmas Living Word will be UNSCROOGED. You know it is good to get gifts, otherwise it would be bad to give gifts. But our focus this year will be giving ourselves away for Christmas. We will be giving ourselves away with two life changing projects.

First we will be taking up an offering for the fire fighters in our community to give them a bonus check this Christmas. They literally run into burning buildings to save our lives. Whatever they are paid is not enough. This offering is just our way to say thank you to our public servants.

Our second project will take place downtown Raleigh at the Helen Wright Center for Women.  I absolutely fell in love with this place when I toured it for the first time.  Their program is top notch and is changing many many lives.  We saw that God is apart of what is going on at HWCW and we wanted to be involved as well.  Living Word is going to give their time, money and skills to go in and help to remodel the center.  This really is doing so much more than painting wall and remolding the bathrooms.  by the end of the project we will help Helen Wright Center bring one more woman off the street and give her a chance to get into her own home.  Lives will be changed.

Check out our new Outreach blog.  This will help you stay updated on whats going on and how you can help at the Helen Wright Center and other LW Outreach projects.



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