iGoogle has Jr

7 11 2007

Finally iGoogle has come out with 5 more themes to select from. They don’t make work more productive but they make my homepage easier to look at. Some of the themes actually change with the time and the weather of your location. I was excited so I thought this was worth mentioning. If you don’t know what iGoogle is…it would be worth your time to check out. One thing I would like to see is for me to customize my own theme.



2 responses

19 12 2007
Ray Grieselhuber

Out of curiosity, what is JR? Is it well-known or something Google made up? I have the theme enabled and I like but I’m wondering if there is some character behind it…

19 12 2007

You know im not sure…but he is a catchy character…he would make a great virtual pet or comic. I wonder how many Jr’s got chucked before this one came along.

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