The Tale of the Paperclip

24 10 2007

The last 3 nights have been another great Leadership Advance for Living Word. You can get some great notes on Pastor Micah’s blog. This marks the beginning of our planning for 08.Over the last 3 nights I came away with some great incite. For me, one truth stands out above the rest. Through out the year there needs to be times where the team step back to look at the big picture to make sure we are still accomplishing what we set out to do. In the middle of the year you get so caught up in the surprises that you forget to reevaluate.

I don’t have many favorite things…but I do have a favorite paper clip. I’m not too thrilled about the normal smooth piece of bent wire. I like the paper clips that have notches in them. This paper clip not only holds the paper together, it grabs the sheets and doesn’t want to let go. Now you know when the owner of the paper clip sat down with his team, held up the shiny smooth clip that everyone knows and loves, and asks “How can we make this better?”…you know he got some cross eyes and confused looks. Some probably thought he was nuts. How can you make a bent piece of metal that holds paper, better? You put notches in it. Part of innovation and renovation is being able to step back and look at what you have and ask the questions that creates more work…or a different, better way of doing things.