Flying with the Eagles and 1100cc’s

14 10 2007

Wave Conference is over for this year. To be around people with such passion and strength, really encourages and rubs off on you. To see something that is bigger than yourself and know that God wants to do something similar in your life and in your church is exciting. this can also can be intimidating if you think you can do it all your self. I’m not just talking about havening people around you but knowing God is on the inside of you to help you accomplish what He set you out to do. I have a great team of people around me and it is important for them to know that they have been ordained to be in the position that they are in. They have what it takes, not just to get the job done but to change someones life.

Pastor Steve said last night ” If you don’t know what to do, realize that your battle has already been won!”

On the Bike ride home from Virginia Beach I passed around Micah and turned a corner. when I turned the corner an Eagle with his wing span the size of the other lane was flying right in front of me just above my head! It was amazing. He flew with me for a few seconds…or I flew with him, then he turned his head to look at me and flew off. For a moment I was flying with the eagle. Those moments may be short but they get your adrenalin going and can inspire you for a lifetime.