Wave Conferance Day 2 – Not So Fuzzy

12 10 2007

I can sit here and type for about an hour and still not have all the notes I took from today. I hope you are watching some of these sessions on Streamingfaith.com , because there is great wisdom being spoken…and all for free. Steve Kelley has been saying leaders resource themselves. Don’t wait until you are in a position of leadership and spiritual influence to decide to find resources. In fact if you wait you will probably never get there.

I am not going to post all my notes, I’m sure Micah will have more posted on his site, but I am going to talk about what I am getting from this conference.

Rick Godwin spoke tonight about 3 things that will set you apart…passion, vision, and risk taking. The Devil will do anything to stop you from accomplishing what God has set you out to do. Rick said “you are a conclusion not a question mark”

5 Challenges to your dream

1. The enemy hates when you take action

2. The enemy hates when you fortify yourself (protect yourself)

3. he hates it when you “pay the price” (sacrifice)

4. he hates it when you have the heart of a finisher (it does no good to start if you don’t finish)

5. The enemy hates it when you turn things around

3 ways the devil will try and discourage you

1. If you dont give in he will try and negotiate with you

2. Intemidate
3. Manipulate

Im not sure what it was about this but on the way home I began to dream and get vision for outreach. Vision is sometimes hard to come by…especially clear vision. This whole conference has renewed my vision on how to accomplish the vision of the church.