People are the Best Idea God Ever Had

11 10 2007

Paul Scanlon started out his session with a video showing how people are the best idea God ever had. The Church has the people and the ability to make a difference in one persons life and to change the world. I looked for the video he showed but could not find it…if I do find it I will post it. Although Paul talked about people this was not the center of his message. Here are some of my notes:

3 Perspectives of You

1. The public you = The you everyone sees and knows

2. The private you = The you everyone doesn’t see (your struggles, the stuff that Gods grace covers that not everyone needs to know about)

3. The blind spot = The you everyone sees but that you don’t see (this is where he camped for the rest of the session)

a. you need people around who are not afraid to reveal those blind spots

b. you could be praying for God to do something in your life…but if he comes with the answer in a blind spot you will never see it.

extra stuff:

Revelation = God Showing you something you didn’t know

Realization = Life showing you something you knew but was blind too

Check out the conference live at Streaming Faith

This was a great night at Wave…and tomorrow will be even better


Mike Noll has been reading Micah’s blog and saw that he had a problem. So like the man of God he is, he sent his wife (who is cooking all of our meals for us…Diane, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you) with a product designed just for men with Micah’s problem…it’s called Bald Guyz sunscreen. Its sweat proof and works. Thanks Mike we all got a great laugh out of it. Still looks like he needs some more evening out…too bad Photo Shop doesn’t work in real life on real people. Im sure Google will find a way to make that work.