Draw the Line, Watch Them Leave

10 10 2007

Day number 2 and I can honestly say its hard to do work at the beach. But as you can see in the picture below Micah’s tan line is starting to fade into the rest of his head. Also you see him working hard at getting everything back to normal. How did he do it you say…Check out his blog and learn how to bring unity back to your face.

In a previous post I talked about Jesus not drawing the line all the time. Today I over heard Micah talking about something he heard today at one of the the pre conference sessions at Wave Church. He talked about Jesus view on church growth compared to a pastors view. If the vine is dead you take it off the tree and make room for ones that are alive. If someone leaves your ministry let them go. This is Jesus view. A lot of times a pastors view is “their leaving the church…how can I keep them”. When Jesus told his disciples to eat my flesh and drink my blood…72 left and then He told His 12 if you want to go…go. He didn’t say “wait let me explain about this whole flesh and blood thing…He just let them go. If you have to beg them to stay, you are going to have to beg to keep them.

So when you do draw the line and people leave, don’t chase after them. Otherwise you will choke the life out of your team or ministry or life.



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