I Can Hear the Waves Calling

9 10 2007

I believe it has been a week since my last post…sorry. We got back home from the Innovate conference in Granger Illinois, and I had a week to get ready for the conference at Wave Church in Virginia Beach (all of which I am very excited for). At this very moment, I’m sitting outside in this amazing weather right on the beach. I can only hear the waves right now, the light from my computer screen is taking up all my attention. I will be posting some notes and thoughts as the days go on and fill you in on some stuff I’m learning here.

Also, I will keep you updated on the evening out of Pastor Micah’s tan line from his sunglasses. We rode our bikes up here and it was a perfect day to ride. So if not for the notes maybe the tan line update will.



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9 10 2007
wave church, motorcycles, and a coon « micahcaronna

[…] was a great ride up some beautiful back roads up to VA Beach. I only forgot one thing. Now, go read Jamie Toblers Blog for today and then come back and finish […]

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