Innovate Day 2…Its All Making Sense Now.

28 09 2007

I don’t even know where to begin. Granger does an amazing job in presenting their message with everything they do. Guy Kawasaki, Mark Beeson, Tim Stevens were the keynote speakers today. I would post the notes but you should check out Tim Stevens blog for those, Tim also has links to other people that are posting about Innovate.

One of the things that we at Living Word are trying to figure out is what makes Granger so successful. Obviously God is causing the growth but what kind of atmosphere do we create for God to add to the church. The one thing that has stood out in my mind other than the great customer service and a great show, is the fact that people feel like they are a part of something that is changing the world. Maybe this is from my skewed bias as an outreach pastor, but in pop culture today, everyone is going “green”, and they are listening to Bono talk about One. People are beginning to get a world view. They want something more than just their jobs to define their lives. We have Christ and a mission, but people that are not on this journey have…what? Even with their family and the causes that they fight for, which are noble, there is still something more that they need to fill that eternal craving on the inside of them.




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