Innovate Day 1…The Whale That Spit Me Out and Great Incite On People

27 09 2007

Innovate starts tomorrow but today we had some pre conference workshops at Granger Community Church (GCC). Jody, Bruce and I were in the First Impressions workshop with Shelley Arredondo and Mark Waltz.

Even though First Impressions is not directly my ministry and I don’t oversee the welcome team, I was able to take some great incite and a fresh perspective on people. Here are some thoughts:

  • First impressions happen in an instant
  • If you’re able to listen to customers from their perspective, not everything they say will make sense. Not everything they do will be right but you’ll know more about what you have to do because of it”-Peter Von Stolk, founder of Jones Soda
  • In order to understand your audience you have to ask the question “What is the culture talking about?”
  • Jesus didn’t “draw the line” all the time. He let them hang around…some got it, some didn’t. When He did draw the line, the ones who were with Him, stuck (one good thing for us is we are not asking our people to drink our blood and eat our flesh. Only to live the life God created them for).

Great first day! I will be posting some more later.

Oh yea. I felt like Jonah today being spit out of a whales mouth. This is a slide entrance from the first floor of GCC into one of the kid ministry rooms. So cool!



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10 10 2007
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