New Suit New Tie…I can now Hitch!

22 09 2007

Ive got a new suit and a tie. Tomorrow I will be officiating my first wedding! Barry Brooks and Ernestine Denning will be Mr. and Mrs. Barry Brooks. Their wedding is going to be beautiful. The music selection is not the norm, but it has a gospel and jazz feel…very nice. I will have some pics uploaded later.

On another note but the same song, I had to learn how to tie a tie. Now, I have plenty of ties but they have remained tied for…about…6…maybe 7 years. Thats why I was glad to run across this great website called tie a tie. Its like he made the site just for me! I now know how to tie a Half Windsor…no problem

Well, tomorrow I will have a new suit and freshly tied tie to “hitch” Barry and Ernestine.