Monome VS Tenori-On

13 09 2007

I love music. Especially the kind that you cant turn up loud in your car because it is so bazaar, and not like anything you hear anywhere other than in basements or deep in the internet. I was looking around on Youtube and found this new really cool insturment called Tenori-on. I dont know too much about it but it seems to run like a drum machiene but with a light show added (im sure there is more to it than that). When I was looking around for more info I stumbled across Monome. Same idea but the Tenori seems to have the ability to run your fingers across the buttons like keys on a piano. However the Monome special edition 40h gives part of it sales to Heifer, and that is pretty thoughtful. Its good to see companies care about people before their profit. Both look to be real great to work with and I want one. So if anyone wants to get me one I will be a very happy boy. I