Who Goes to Church on Saturday?

9 09 2007

We had our first Saturdays service @ Living Word and had a great turnout. 60 families signed up to take the “big” step to Saturday night and we had around 250 people the first night. This new service makes for a little more work but gives us more room to reach out to more people. This was also the first week of our new series “Identity Theft“. So much is going on and everything seems to be changing. I Love Change!

Prepare to be Wrong

9 09 2007

“If your not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original” – Sir Ken Robinson

Naturally, I am a high C (if you don’t know what that is check out the DiSC profile on Manager-tools ) I like everything to be in order and know that I will not fail before I venture out and do something I have never done before…I’m trying to get over that.  It will be impossible for me to be where God wants me to be if I am to afraid of doing something different.  If you wait until everyone is doing it…it might be too late.  Sometimes being wrong is apart of the journey, but who wants to be wrong?

Ahhh Merwage

9 09 2007

One of my good friends got married today. My wife and I always said it would take a special woman to marry Sean…and it did. As quirky as my friend Sean can be, he will always be a good friend. I don’t say this about many people but Sean is one of those friends that will be there for you no matter what. Sean you found yourself a true woman. I love you both. Have a great honeymoon!