What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do

4 09 2007

Anything you want. And that is the beauty of vacation. We went to see my Grandmother and Uncle today, and it was great to spend time with them. You know a lot of times you can miss wonderful opportunities to find out about people. Today I found out more about my Dad…Dad if your reading this, its ok, I now understand. 😉

We started to drive back home and I was in the mood for some good old Starbucks…after all I don’t have to get up in the morning. My ancient instinct to hunt and find my prey to meet the needs of my family kicked in. I saw off into the distance a place that seemed to be the habitat where my prey would be. After searching to no avail, knowing that my prize was here, I searched in one more place…and there it was tucked away, almost hiding. So I picked up a tall americano, my wife got a cookie and they even gave us a free cookie. You may find this amusing but I prayed that God would lead me to a Starbucks. I was kind of half joking with God, but I know God loves to meet our desires as well. I’m one of his children, if I ask him to help me find a Starbucks is he going to lead me to a rock quarry?

As soon as we entered the gate at the hotel, a fireworks show was just ending so we stopped the car and rolled down the windows and just watched…We had no were else to be.

Then we went to watch a movie, and now we are here, not really having to sleep because we don’t really need to get up in the morning…God, thanks for the time to rest.